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Posted on August 7, 2015
Do you own a business here in Pike County? Are you looking for new and different ways to advertise your business? Well then, there is no need to look any further! As a member of the Pike County Chamber of Commerce, you can advertise with us to gain added exposure to draw more people to your local business. For information on how to become a member and/or how to advertise with us, give us a call today or visit us at

Supporting Local Businesses

Posted on July 31, 2015
At the Pike County Chamber, it is our mission to support our local businesses by providing valuable tools and information to support growth and commerce in our area. If you’re a member looking for links that provide resources for your local businesses, visit us online at and click on “For Members” then “Business Info Links.” There you will find a list of links that provide valuable resources for your local business. Just another way that the Pike County Chamber is working for you! Not a member yet? Visit us online to download our membership form and become one today to take advantage of all that membership through the PCCC has to offer. It pays to stay connected through the Pike County Chamber!

Brooklyn Day in PA was a Great Success!

Posted on August 20th, 2015
Friends, neighbors, locals and visitors all came together on Saturday, August 8th for a Block Party with a Brooklyn theme in downtown Milford, PA.

Jorgenson’s at the Dimmick Inn kicked off the day with a traditional stick ball game. Once that was over the streets and sidewalks began to fill with people walking around town to listen to the free music that was being played at many of the local businesses. Jorgenson’s at the Dimmick Inn had the Big Things band that played to a party in the street. The Pike County Chamber of Commerce who sponsored this event around town had a table set up at the block party and gave out “Shop Local” decals and Chamber Board Members emphasized the importance of shopping local and how it affects a little town like ours. They also ran a 50/50 raffle and gave out directions and entertainment line-ups for other music around town such as The Saron Crenshaw Trio that was playing at Chant Realty and The Frisky Goat who hosted a band called “They Know”. Other venues that had music were Sweet Sweet Wonderland, The Milford Dairy Bar, The Flying Pig Tea Room and the Upper Mill Complex. All in all it was a great day to be in Milford and a great community event to help local businesses. Thank you to all that came out to show their support. The Pike County Chamber looks forward to the next community event. For more information on the Pike County Chamber visit or like us on facebook.

Pictured is Pike Chamber Secretary Ellen Scarisbrick of Wayne Memorial Hospital and Pike Chamber Past President Paul Brislin of Paul M. Brislin, E.A. handing out literature.

Pike County Events

Posted on July 24, 2015
Are you looking for things to do this summer, but you don't want to drive far for a day trip? It's the perfect time to get outside right here in Pike County! Enjoy the beautiful weather, and take advantage of all that Pike County has to offer. View our "Pike County Events" page here: where you will get instant access to so many things going on here in Pike County, from workshops and seminars to FREE events! What are you waiting for? Visit us online today! It pays to stay connected through the Pike County Chamber.

July Newsflash

Posted on July, 17, 2015
Our July Newsflash is here! Be sure to keep up to date with all of our news and upcoming events and seminars. Visit us at to view our July NewsFlash, or to sign up for our e-newsflash to have our monthly newsletter delivered right to your e-mail inbox. It’s easy, it’s free, and it pays to stay connected!

Pike County Events

Posted on July 10, 2015
Summer is officially here and there’s lots going on here in Pike County. Are you looking for a calendar of events offered in our area? Visit us at and click on “News and Events,” then “Pike County Events.” You will have access to all that’s happening here in Pike County from workshops and seminars to free events! It pays to stay connected through PCCC!

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