October 2013 NewsFlash


Economic struggles of recent years have hit most everybody in one way or another, but perhaps hardest hit are small business owners in small towns. This can be discouraging, but there are still opportunities for success, and if you are thinking of opening a new business, relocating a business or expanding a business in Milford, this may be your chance to tip the scales of success in your favor.

A grant of up to six months free rent in The Old Lumberyard Shoppes of Milford township, is being offered through the generosity of a successful business owner and will be administered through The Small Business Development Center of Scranton University. Only one successful applicant will be awarded the grant.

Applications will be evaluated based on the business owner’s experience in his or her given field, the type of business proposed and how well it compliments neighboring businesses, as well as the business owner’s financial stability. Only one applicant will be awarded the rental grant, which requires a minimum of a three year lease commitment. Other restrictions and requirements may apply.

The proposed business venture may be retail or professional. The space being offered is approximately 1700 square feet and will rent at $1,700 monthly after the 6-month free rent offer expires.

Interested entrepreneurs should contact Donna Simpson at the Small Business Development Center for application information by email at

Complete application packet will include:
1. A 3-5 page business plan narrative

2. 3 year financial projections
(Income/ Expense and Cash Flow)

3. 2 years tax returns

4. Personal financial statement

5. Rental application (credit check is required)

If selected, recipient will agree to work with a University of Scranton Small Business Center consultant. This service is free of charge. Visit their website to learn more

Any type of business is eligible to participate, however the owner is especially focused on a business with a good fit in the plaza and Milford.

If selected:

Rent is $1,700 monthly. A five year lease will be required with the first 6 months at no cost to the tenant. A security deposit of 2 month’s rent is required. There are normal insurance requirements for this property paid by the tenant.

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