October 2013 NewsFlash

Lacawac Grant

Dear Chamber Member,

In 2011, Lacawac made the decision to hire Dr. Lesley Knoll as Director of Research and Education to foster an arrangement between the work Lacawac is conducting regarding aquatic and ecological studies, and what the needs are of the various Educational Institution’s conducting research at our facility. The benefits of this decision are being realized in a variety of ways. First, national awareness of Lacawac among scientists conducting similar studies in various areas of the country, and second, Lacawac being positioned as a premier environmental research & education hub.

It is with great pleasure to announce that Lacawac is the recipient of a grant through the National Science Foundation for $329,000 to construct a state-of-the-art laboratory. The addition of this laboratory will enable Lacawac to continue with its vital studies, while helping to attract scientists from around the country to come and conduct climate and water quality research.

Beyond research, Lacawac, also serves the public through a variety of exhibits, shows and activities throughout the year. Many of these events generate needed operating revenue for Lacawac , while providing a vital service to the community. In addition, Lacawac welcomes members, friends and the public each day to experience the scenic trails and its pristine waters. All of these activities and events are accomplished with no tax dollars…just the support of its members.

There are many activities that Lacawac would like to offer the public next year. All of these activities and events have a cost, and with a very limited operating budget, it requires constant support from the community. Every year around this time, Lacawac reaches out to the members and community requesting their help and support in our annual appeal. This year is no different. Lacawac is very grateful to those that have contributed in the past, and would greatly appreciate any donations to assist with the continued support of the mission of Lacawac.

Thank you in advance for your contribution and support of our 2013 Annual Appeal. Future generations will thank you for your diligence.


Bob Sadoski
Executive Director

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