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A Lesson from @WeightWatchers: On Social Media Don't Forget to Surprise and Delight

A Lesson from @WeightWatchers: On Social Media Don't Forget to Surprise and Delight

On Sept. 20, 2013 I received a tweet from @weightwatchers at my Twitter handle, @editortim. It said:

"Surprise! We love reading your tweets; as a thanks we’d like to send you a #LoseForGood" gift pack"

What a nice surprise! When's the last time you surprised and delighted your customers?

So, indeed I responded with my email address. I quickly received an email from Weight Watchers with subject line: "Surprise! #LoseForGood."

The email said:

Hi Tim,

Surprise! We’ve been noticing your tweets over the last couple of weeks and we love what you’ve had to say! As a thanks and to show our appreciation we’d like to send you a gift pack!

To redeem your gift, please read the below Terms and Conditions.

If you agree to these terms, please reply to this email saying

"I accept and agree to the Terms and Conditions."

Please also include your full name and mailing address so we can send your gift pack out to you. Thank you again for your support!

Best Wishes,

Weight Watchers Social Media Team

I responded to the email, and Weight Watchers mailed me an extremely generous gift pack including recipe books, kitchen equipment, and more!

How Weight Watchers Changed My Life

I became a Weight Watchers member for the first time in my life in January 2012, and in August 2013 I reached my goal of losing almost 95 pounds.

Find out how I did it: "How a Closed Facebook Group & Weight Watchers Helped Me Lose 94.6 Pounds"

Needless to say, I love Weight Watchers! It has drastically changed my life for the good. I have so much more energy, and I attribute this to one of the reasons my social media business is growing.

Social Media Mentions Pay Off

I had been mentioning @WeightWatchers on Twitter a lot around this time period. I wanted everybody to know how great Weight Watchers is, and I interviewed the company's head of social media, Lee Hurley, on "The Skinny on How Weight Watchers Uses Social Media" for SocialTimes.

The Bottom Line

Many businesses create an editorial calendar (that includes regular features such as promotions, questions, contests, and more) for their social media presences that align with their business goals -- whether it's to increase sales, boost loyalty of current customers or network with other professionals. Many times, though, they forget to surprise and delight their customers.

I know I will never forget Weight Watchers -- not only because it helped me to lose almost 95 pounds, but because it surprised and delighted me.

QUESTION: When was the last time you were surprised and delighted by one of your favorite businesses on social media? Let us know in the comments. Your feedback is important to me!

Tim Sohn is founder of Sohn Social Media Solutions, which provides content marketing, social media management and social media coaching for businesses of all sizes around the world -- from Pennsylvania to the Netherlands. Contact him at (570) 559-7224 or For more information about Sohn Social Media Solutions, visit

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