November 2013 NewsFlash


It is a road course, scavenger hunt, trivia contest, and lots of fun all rolled into one! On Sunday, November 10th Clarion Safety Systems presents the CDD Road Rally. It combines score able elements of time, mileage, decorations, photos, and observation. Each competing team, consisting of at least a driver and a navigator, is given a set of written directions to follow a predetermined road course. Teams then drive the course independently, departing at set intervals, and strive to follow the course exactly. Teams are scored on how closely to the given time and mileage they arrive at the finish line. This road rally is NOT A RACE, in fact, arriving too early actually hurts a team's score, as does arriving too late. Being late or early or having too much or too little mileage incurs penalty points.

Registration is open now through October 23rd, for registration information, details on the event and frequently asked questions you may visit CDD’s website at or contact the office at 570-296-3992. Information is also available by visiting the Facebook page at “Cdd Kids”. The Road Rally includes lunch sponsored by Biondo Investment Advisors at check in to be held at Firefly Park beginning at 12:30pm and the race will commence with the presentation of awards about 4:30pm at Dingmans Ferry Firehouse.

All proceeds benefit The Center for Developmental Disabilities which provides educational, therapeutic and family support services for all children with specialty services for those with developmental delays and disabilities from birth to kindergarten age.

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