November 2012 NewsFlash

District Annual Dinner Celebrates “Silent Spring”

The Pike County Conservation District Board will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring at their Annual Dinner which will be held on November 8th.

Rachel Carson was a marine biologist, an environmentalist and a writer. Her many submissions of writings on conservation and nature to newspapers and magazines urged people to regulate the “forces of destruction” and consider always the welfare of other forms of life. Embedded within all of Carson’s writings was the view that “human beings are but one part of nature distinguished primarily by their power to alter it, in some cases irreversibly.”

Miss Carson’s most influential book, Silent Spring, published in September 1962, condemned the indiscriminate use of pesticides and the environmental impact they caused, especially DDT. She first became aware of the effects of chemical pesticides on the natural environment while working for the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries. Carson said that "the more I learned about the use of pesticides, the more appalled I became. I realized that here was the material for a book. What I discovered was that everything which meant most to me as a naturalist was being threatened, and that nothing I could do, would be more important."
In Silent Spring, Carson meticulously described how DDT entered the food chain, causing a number of health and environmental problems. Critics called Carson an alarmist, and Silent Spring was met with intense rebuttals from the scientific establishment and some major industries. Regardless, Carson was steadfast in her resolve to show the need for new environmental policies and regulations necessary to protect human health and the environment. While Silent Spring was intended to bring to light irresponsible government practices, what Rachel Carson achieved was far greater. Her passion for her subject planted the seeds of a movement towards environmental awareness.
Through her passion and her eloquent writings, Rachel Carson’s witness for the beauty and integrity of life continues to inspire new generations to protect the living world and all of its creatures.
Come get inspired with us while we watch a film about Rachel Carson’s life, and listen to readings from Silent Spring on Thursday, November 8, 2012 at Ehrhardt’s Waterfront Conference Center in Hawley, PA at 6:00pm. This event is open to the public. Cost for dinner is $35.00 per person, payable to the Pike County Conservation District. Please RSVP before November 5th at (570)226-8220 or email

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