March 2013 NewsFlash

Pike Chamber Announces Membership Sale!

In today’s business climate, business owners are looking to trim expenses wherever they can and in these challenging times; one would think dues for membership is an expense easy to cross off the list. Unfortunately, they sometimes fail to realize that a Chamber membership can add to your bottom line in the long run.
Chamber membership can be at its highest value to a business when adverse economics are present. Local Chambers are an extremely valuable resource for business planning, making business connections, marketing, and promotion to assist with sustainability and growth. Taking advantage of such resources from your Chamber membership can make a significant difference in a business operation.

The primary functions of the Chamber go far deeper than print nice brochures, answer inquiries and advertise what a great place the area is to work, live and play. The Chamber of Commerce is a catalyst– a common vehicle through which business and professional people work together for the common good of the community. A better community means better business conditions, and we work for a better community for everyone. That’s why we do what we do and now is a great time to band together and grow.

What we're hoping to accomplish is not to grow our numbers for the sake of increasing our rolls, but to gain new insight, creativity and support for the programs we manage, to step up our services to business and to keep ahead of the changing times. A greater membership makes more options available.
A larger membership means a stronger voice. The Chamber is always advocating for the businesses in Pike County. When we call on our elected officials it makes a huge difference to say that we currently represent a large number of Pike County businesses and their employees. A stronger Chamber means more services for our members. An increase in membership will result in more flexibility when it comes to adding on additional programs and services for our members. A larger Chamber means better networking. Obviously, for every new member that we have, that's one additional business that will read your press release in the newsletter, see your ad on our Web site, meet you at business card exchange and find your services in our membership directory.

Members will each have their own reasons for joining but some of the benefits that Pike County Chamber does for its members are connections to new customers/clients through networking, low-cost advertising, tools to increase profits, business consulting, exposure, lobbying and advocating on behalf of businesses, promoting areas businesses and working on economic development projects in the region. Member businesses range from realtors to financial planners, retail shops to art galleries, restaurants, at home consultants, physicians and lawyers; but we all share a common goal of making Pike County a viable place to do business.

Membership is what makes a Chamber of Commerce. Members provide the ideas, the drive, the goals, the funds and the voluntary services to keep the Chamber doing what it does through your participation. "It really says something about your company if you're a member of the local Chamber of Commerce. It's a sign of quality and commitment” says Pike Chamber President Philly Viscardo. The Chamber would not be what it is today without the dedication and support of our membership. The staff can come and go but the membership is the constant that keeps this ship afloat.

For the next three months from March 1st to May 31st if a business joins the Pike Chamber and pays in full, they will received a 30% discount off their dues; if they opt to pay their dues in three monthly installments, they would get a 20% discount. Membership investment dues are based on business categories. You can find out the various categories on the member application. To get a member investment application please visit our website, call Chamber President Philly Viscardo at 570-828-6406 or call Chamber Executive Director Michael Sullivan at 570-296-8700.

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