January 2014 NewsFlash

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Ryan Rand and his family are an extraordinary example of the triumphs that can be achieved through the love of family and the support of community services such as the Devereux Children's Behavioral Health Services Program.

“Devereux is a critical resource and support system for our family.”

At 16 months old, Ryan was adopted from Russia. Within two months of his adoption, Ryan was hospitalized and it was discovered that he had suffered permanent brain damage associated with Shaken Baby Syndrome. He was removed from his original adoptive parents and without a loving home and proper support, Ryan’s future would be bleak.

Charles and Darlene Rand were well respected foster parents in the community. When they were asked to foster Ryan upon his discharge from the rehabilitation facility, they did not hesitate to open their home and hearts to Ryan. After several months in the Rand home it was clear to the family, Ryan was meant to be a permanent member and Charles and Darlene adopted Ryan, now 2 1/2 years. The family worked to assist Ryan to deal with many of his cognitive and physical challenges. Ryan began growing by leaps and bounds; as did the family.

Six months after Ryan was adopted, Charles and Darlene stepped forward to foster three more children in need. These children were not suffering from physical scars like Ryan, but emotional ones. They needed in-home therapeutic services and Devereux’s Children’s Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Service program was called into action.

All three children received in-home services through our specially trained clinicians. Within 10 short months the children had successfully completed the program and the family was equipped with the tools to help their new family members.

As Ryan entered first grade he became frustrated with his difficulty communicating with his peers and teachers; he began acting out at school and at home. Immediately, Darlene knew who to call for help: Devereux……

Within a week Devereux’s BHRS program was in place and providing services; teaching Ryan ways to express himself. Quickly the family saw improvement at home and in Ryan’s interactions with his siblings. Darleen and Charles were made aware of things that were upsetting Ryan, and with the help of the Devereux clinician, were able to decrease or completely avoid Ryan’s outbursts and frustration.
In five short months Ryan and his family had gained the tools to overcome many of these obstacles. Each week the family reported that Ryan’s frustration levels had reduced and his ability to communicate with his friends and teachers was improving. Ryan’s behavior at school improved, making it easier for him to learn and have meaningful social interactions with friends.
Ryan is quickly progressing through the Children’s Behavioral Health Program and should be successfully discharged by early next year. Devereux is proud to be able to have had such a profound impact on the Rand family.

“Everyone at Devereux went above and beyond. We know we can count on Devereux every time we need assistance.”

Your gift to Devereux, through our secure donation site, ensures that the children, adults and families served by Devereux Pocono have the opportunity to live meaningful, happy lives. Your philanthropy supports families and individuals such as Ryan, in realizing their full potential. With caring friends like you supporting our mission, Devereux Pocono can continue to ensure that the people we serve lead independent and fulfilling lives. Please make your gift today.


Mary F. Seeley
Executive Director

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