February 2013 NewsFlash

The Chamber’s seminar series focuses on things businesspeople need to know

On January 17 at 7:30 in the morning, Pike County Chamber of Commerce members were eating a wonderful breakfast and listening to Cena Block give an impressive seminar entitled, “How to Convert Low-Cost Networking Into Big Income.” Cena discussed how to use low-cost opportunities to market your business and meet new clients directly and indirectly. She talked about the “Power of One” which related to connecting with special customers who often provide a large amount of a small business’s income. Cena discussed even the mechanical processes of how to manage the pile of business cards that we all accumulate and turn them into worthwhile, productive contacts. She went on to talk about specific websites and on-line opportunities that work well with a minimum marketing budget.

Those in attendance used words like “excellent,” “fabulous” and “she’s right on.” John Hollister of Rodgers-Olver-Polley Insurance of Milford said that “any business could benefit from Cena’s seminar;” he later called the Chamber for her contact information so he could compliment her. Evidently, Cena’s technique hit home.

The “Third Thursday” Seminars occur every Third Thursday as you would imagine. However, on occasion, they are moved to the fourth Thursday because of speaker availability. That will happen this month when on February 28 we will have a splendid speaker talk about OBAMACARE and what it means for YOUR BUSINESS. It is a very important seminar with far-reaching implications. Details will be out soon.

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