December 2015 NewsFlash

“Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Needs Your Support”

The Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Program (WPALP), a non-profit volunteer educational program, is in need of your financial support. The WPALP has been providing free tutoring services and study materials for 29 years; to over 3600 adults in Pike and Wayne counties during that time.

The WPALP has neither been receiving federal nor state funding since 2012 while the county governments have provided some assistance, but it is limited as county governments throughout the region have had to bear ever increasing costs as a result of federal and state cutbacks. Service organizations such as the Hawley Rotary Club, the Lions Club of Honesdale and the Knights of Columbus have been regular supporters. Recently, the Pike County and Wayne County Bar Associations as well as the Villaume Foundation and the United Way of Lackawanna Wayne counties have assisted. Nevertheless, the contributions have not been able to rise as fast as the demand for services and concomitant expenses.

In the first nine months, the volunteer tutors of the WPALP has provided over 2,000 instructional hours and driven in excess of 11,866 miles for free, in order to provide services to 79 adult students. We have distributed $5,400 in textbooks and calculators for free. We serve adults who need to obtain a GED Diploma, to improve their literacy for work or personal reasons, while teaching English to new arrivals and assisting them in the citizenship process. The WPALP is also active in the two county correctional facilities in order to reduce recidivism. During this time period 6 adults have earned their GED and 20 more are in the program, many of them having passed 1 or more parts of the GED exam. We have assisted 9 adults to gain employment, helped one to become a citizen and 65% of our other students have progressed 1 or more educational levels in the curriculum.

Nevertheless, we cannot continue our mission without your financial support. Latest census figures indicate that approximately 10% of adults in this region do not have a high school diploma. Jobs are available in this region for adults who have specialized training and the new Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act seeks to supply this training, but only for those who have a GED or high school diploma. Without the training, those without a diploma will remain in the lowest paying positions or unemployed. With your help, we can remedy this situation by helping these adults gain the educational skills necessary to becoming fully employed and self-supporting. Please consider making a donation today by:
visiting our website; and donating via PayPal
mailing your donation to:
1406 Main Street
Honesdale, PA 18431.
Please make your check payable to WPALP. All donations are eligible for tax exemption. Thanks to all of our past benefactors and to those who can assist us at this time

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