December 2014 NewsFlash



Safe Haven of Pike County, Inc. proudly announces the release of a one of a kind cookbook, A Taste of Pike County, which features over 50 recipes from restaurants and markets in the area. This diverse collection of recipes ranges from Harrington House’s Goat Cheese Omelet to River Rock Inn’s Scrumptious Mushroom Soup; from Bar Louis’s delicious crab cakes to Waterwheel’s Coq au Vin; from Settlers Inn’s famous Grilled Forks Farm Chicken with Peach Slaw, Ginger Rice and Wasabi Peanuts to Two Rivers Grille’s Sautéed Fillet of Tilapia with Asparagus, Mushroom and Tomatoes in a Sherry Cram Sauce; from PEEC’s Rabbit Pot Pie to The Fork at Twin Lakes’ Gateau Gorille Banana Cake; and even the newly-opened Frisky Goat’s special method of making Iced Coffee!

This unique cookbook joins Pike County in celebrating its 200th anniversary and includes articles on the history of Pike County as well as an article documenting Milford’s culinary legacy, one of the oldest in the nation, written by Pike County’s own Sean Strub.

People in and around Pike County joined together to produce this special publication. The chefs, who typically cook in massive quantities, painstakingly reformulated their recipes in smaller portions for the home cook. The cover photo was shot at a moment’s notice by Milford’s famous photographer Alan Kaplan with the assistance of his wife, Wendy, next to one of Pike County’s many beautiful waterfalls. And then there was Morgan Keller of Anchor Designs, one of Safe Haven’s very talented and dedicated volunteers who laid out the entire cookbook. It is people like the above, the committee members, the hard working staff of Safe Haven and the devoted members of the Board of Directors that make living and working in Pike County wonderful.

For the last 23 years, Safe Haven has provided free and confidential services for those in our community who have endured crime and abuse. This past year, the agency assisted 279 women, children, and men facing domestic violence. In addition, Safe Haven lent support to 191 victims of sexual assault, helping them to progress despite the shadow of abuse. And for the first time, the agency offered services to victims of other crimes, providing 105 victimized individuals with much needed information and referrals. And equally important, 800 people in the community and in the Delaware Valley School District received educational presentations to safeguard future generations from enduring violence and abuse. Your purchase of A Taste of Pike County helps victims in need to get the help they deserve, as all profits from the sale of the cookbook go directly to Safe Haven toward the fulfillment of its mission to eradicate domestic violence, sexual assault, and other serious crimes.

A Taste of Pike County can be purchased at Safe Haven’s Treasures, located across from the Waterwheel, as well as establishments throughout Pike County. For more information please contact or call Allison Taylor, the Chair of the Safe Haven’s Cookbook Committee at (570) 828-7954.

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