December 2013 NewsFlash

Pocono Medical Center’s New Heart Valve Clinic

Pocono Medical Center’s ESSA Heart and Vascular Institute team of cardiothoracic surgeons and cardiologists are teaming up to provide a multidisciplinary heart valve clinic for individuals with heart valve conditions. Heart valves are thin, strong flaps of tissue that open and close as your heart pumps. In adults, heart murmurs, which are extra or unusual sounds heard during a heartbeat, are most often caused by heart valves not working properly.

Birth defects, age-related changes, infections or other conditions can cause one or more of your heart valves to not open fully or to let blood leak back through the valve that should be closed. This can make your heart work too hard and affect its ability to pump blood. If not treated, heart valve disease can cause heart failure, stroke, blood clots or sudden death due to sudden cardiac arrest. While lifestyle changes and medicine can help manage valve heart disease, you may eventually need to have a faulty heart valve repaired or replaced.

In response to this community need, Pocono Medical Center has developed a new heart valve clinic so you can have access to multiple specialists at one appointment. The team of surgeons and cardiologists will discuss your condition and treatment options in our comfortable, state of the art ESSA Heart and Vascular Institute. Treatment may include routine checkups with your doctor, living a healthy lifestyle and/or taking medications. In some cases, the heart valve may need to be repaired or replaced.

If you need heart valve repair or replacement, Pocono Medical Center’s experienced, highly trained cardiothoracic surgeons offer a number of surgical treatment options, including minimally invasive valve repair and minimally invasive valve replacement. Minimally invasive heart valve surgery involves repairing or replacing heart valves using small incisions with faster recovery time. Talk to your doctor or call 570-420-5331 to make an appointment with all the necessary specialists at Pocono Medical Center’s ESSA Heart and Vascular Institute.

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