December 2012 NewsFlash

Wayne Memorial Hospital in Top 10% for Electronic Records

One of the most respected information technology groups in the country will recognize Wayne Memorial Hospital at its annual conference next year for electronic medical records (EMR) implementation. According to the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), Wayne Memorial is in the top 10% of hospitals nationwide to achieve a Stage 6 designation for EMR. HIMSS Analytics publishes a seven-stage “Adoption Model” that shows the progression of the country’s 5,319 hospitals. As of October, 2012, Wayne Memorial became one of only 430 hospitals to achieve the Stage 6 plateau.

“This is an honor and a reflection of the hard work that has gone into making our EMR part of the fabric of Wayne Memorial,” said Chief Executive Officer David Hoff. “Just as importantly, though, EMR itself is a huge plus for our patients, our doctors and our community. Through electronic documentation, the potential for human error is greatly reduced and the access to tests and other records is greatly enhanced. This is a big investment in patient safety.”

Wayne Memorial Hospital (WMH) recently received close to $2 million for “meaningful use” of its EMR, an incentive payment from the federal government to encourage medical providers to convert to EMR. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is requiring all hospitals to implement EMR within the next few years or face penalties, such as reductions in the annual reimbursement increases hospitals receive for Medicare patients.

“The move to electronically input and store patient records—tests, procedures, doctor’s orders, histories, insurance and billing information—is designed to improve the quality of healthcare,” said Tom Hoffman, manager of WMH’s Information Services Department. “Wayne Memorial has been ahead of the information curve for some time, and we hope to stay that way!”

Hoffman said that the hospital’s road to Stage 6 EMR adoption began in 2006, when WMH invested more than $5 million in information technology, including software from the Massachusetts-based company, Medical Information Technology (MEDITECH). In 2007, WMH implemented electronic functionalities for registration, nursing and billing. In 2008, the hospital launched its Bedside Medication Verification program, which uses a bar code and a scanner to match the name on a patient’s wristband with the correct medication for that patient.

Between 2009 and 2012, WMH completed electronic feature implementation for the Operating Room, physician usage in the Emergency Department and physician computerized provider order entry or CPOE. Under this feature, doctors can check allergy and medication interactions and review national clinical quality indicators.

“All of this helps Wayne Memorial reach the highest possible levels for patient safety and patient satisfaction,” said Hoffman, who also thanked his staff and the Administration for supporting the training and implementation required to meet all the stages.

The MEDITECH team at WMH is far from done. Next up: “Doctor First, an electronic prescribing feature,” according to Clinical Liaison Renee LaPoint, LPN. “This is where physicians can send scripts for all drugs except narcotics to participating pharmacies by computer. We also have plans to launch a secure patient portal. We continue to make progress, thanks in large part to the cooperation of our doctors and the hospital’s leadership.”

The HIMSS conference takes place on March 5th, 2013 in New Orleans.

Photo: Wayne Memorial's Chief Executive Officer David Hoff congratulated members of the hospital's electronic medical records team on a big milestone. Left to right: Diane Thompson, Pharmacy; Renee LaPoint, LPN, Information Services; Tom Hoffman, manager of Information Services; Kristy Tirney, RN and David Hoff.

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