December 2012 NewsFlash

Delaware Township Ambulance & Pike County ALS Awarded STEMI Cup

Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance Corp (DTVAC) and Pike County Advanced Life Support (PCALS) were both awarded Pocono Medical Center’s STEMI Cup Award for an emergency incident that occurred in January of 2012 in which a patient had a heart attack in the Pocono Mountain Lake Forest Community.
The award was presented by Dr. Peter Favini, Director of Pocono Medical Center’s Emergency Medicine Department and Medical Director for both EMS organizations during a presentation at the Annual Pocono EMS Conference on October 20, 2012.
The ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) award was given to these organizations for its role in the “door to balloon angioplasty” time of 28 minutes. It is the fastest time for Pocono Medical Center in the 2011-2012 reporting year.
Door-to-balloon is a time measurement in emergency cardiac care, specifically in the treatment of a STEMI, “heart attack”. The interval starts with the patient's arrival in the emergency department, and ends when a catheter guide wire crosses the heart blockage in the cardiac catherization lab. The lower the “door-to-balloon” time, the less muscle damage to the heart.
This time was significantly reduced because of the quick recognition of a STEMI on the cardiac monitor by the EMS crews and quick transport time. The hospital’s cardiac catheterization team was notified and activated before the EMS crew left the patient’s home and the catheterization team was waiting for the patient upon ambulance arrival at the emergency room.
Pocono Medical Center (PMC) has worked closely with EMS services in order to improve EMS notification times, subsequently reducing their door to balloon times. PMC has received national recognition for superior patient outcomes and for providing world-class service in cardiac cases.
For more information on DTVAC visit or call (570) 828-2345 and for more information on PCALS visit or call (855) PIKE-ALS.

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