August 2014 NewsFlash

WMH’s Nadine Greco Named President

Wayne Memorial Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Coordinator Nadine Greco, MS has a new title: President of the Tri-State Society for Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (TSSCVPR). Greco was installed in May at the group’s state symposium in Somerset, Pennsylvania. Greco, who celebrated her unit’s 20th anniversary at the hospital last fall, is excited about her new role.

“I really want to get more students involved in not only my field but in the Society,” said Greco. “Professionally I am an exercise physiologist, and one of my goals is to increase our membership with students pursuing a degree in Exercise Science and Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.” Greco noted that the TSSCVPR membership is made up of more nurses than exercise physiologists.

Greco was born and raised in Northeast Pennsylvania. She completed her Bachelor’s degree and a Master of Science Degree in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Primary Prevention at East Stroudsburg University. Greco went on to acquire a second Master of Science degree in Foods and Nutrition from Marywood University. She joined Wayne Memorial Hospital in1992 and helped found the hospitals’ Cardiac Rehabilitation program.

“We’re very proud of Nadine’s election to the presidency of the Tri-State Society,” said James Hockenbury, director of Ancillary Services at Wayne Memorial Hospital. “She is truly dedicated to her patients and to her profession.”

The TSSCVPR, which encompasses Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, is an affiliate of the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

“Another goal I have is to encourage our New Jersey and Delaware members to visit their state capitals during Cardiac or Pulmonary Rehabilitation weeks,” said Greco. “It’s important that our state representatives and governor understand the relationship between people in our field and the good health of the citizens in our care. There is a positive benefit for everyone when a cardiac patient is able to regain independence and productivity.”

Greco, along with other Tri-State members visited the Pennsylvania state capital this past March. They were recognized by Senator Lisa Baker and Representative Sandy Major and their fellow representatives during Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week. The Wayne County commissioners continued their tradition this year as well of proclaiming Cardiac Rehabilitation Week during February (National Heart Month).

Greco holds her post for one year.

Photo: Wayne Memorial Hospital’s Nadine Greco, MS, right, accepts the gavel from Kathy Thumma, RN, BSN, which officially designated Greco as the new president of the Tri-State Society for Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

Grief Workshop at Wayne Memorial Hospital
A free workshop designed to help people cope with the grieving process will be offered at Wayne Memorial Hospital later this summer. The six-week session will provide education and support and focus on grief as a normal part of an individual’s transition through life.
Grief can best be described as a distinctive cluster of common emotional, physical and spiritual reactions to loss, according to Neil Petrosky, a licensed social worker and workshop facilitator. “This description does not diminish how traumatic a loss can be for the griever,” said Petrosky. “Rather, it says that we can identify with each other as human beings who all struggle with the death of a loved one. We have the ability to join together and help one another through this struggle.”
Noting that grief is a very individual process, Petrosky said the workshop will encourage participants to explore their own solutions to the challenges of living without their loved ones and dealing with the many changes that follow a loss. The workshop will provide a safe place in which individuals can sort out which activities and time tables are right for them.
Your experience will be enhanced by attending all six sessions; however, it is understandable if you cannot attend each session. The sessions will be held at Wayne Memorial Hospital from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM on consecutive Mondays starting August 4th and ending on September 15th.
Participants are asked to complete a registration form, which can be found at or by contacting Petrosky at (570) 253-8608. He is also available for questions.


Wayne Memorial Honors Long-Term Employees
Two hit 35-year mark!

More than 80 employees were honored at Wayne Memorial Hospital’s 40th Annual Service Awards program on June 17th at Lukans Farm Resort in Hawley. Among them, two 35 year veterans, Emmy Maierle and Richard LaPoint, who both agreed a lot has changed at the hospital since 1979.
“When I started on the second shift, I was the only one in my department,” said LaPoint who works in Environmental Services. “Today there are five housekeepers and two porters on that shift during the week. The hospital has added a floor, a wing, a building and many more sites off the main campus!”
Maierle, who was born in Austria, echoed LaPoint and added—“It’s all been very interesting!”
Wayne Memorial Board Chair Lee Oakes said both Maierle and Lapoint “have seen more change than either of them could describe, and both have earned our thanks many times over.”
Every June, Wayne Memorial Hospital (WMH) honors employee service at five-year increments, this year up to 35. Hospital staff work in concert with employees from the hospital’s umbrella group, Wayne Memorial Health System, and clinical affiliate Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers (WMCHC). Together, they now have offices in Wayne, Pike, Lackawanna and Susquehanna counties and service more than 30 properties. .
Most of those honored, however, said that even with the enormous facility expansions, the most change has occurred in the field of technology.
“If somebody told me 25 years ago when I started that I’d be doing what I do today, I would have called that science fiction,” exclaimed Ellen Scarisbrick, a radiology technologist who now performs digital mammography procedures.
Pharmacist Karen Kay, a 15 year veteran, notes that her team is also doing much more in terms of technology, such as barcoding. “We are far more involved today in clinical aspects where technology plays a big part.”
Wayne Memorial counts itself very advanced in terms of technology, said CEO David Hoff, “we began investing in electronic medical records before many larger health systems.”
“Wayne Memorial really seems ahead of so many others,” said Janis Murray/Medical Records/25 years.
“The hospital’s 64-slice CT scan is still excellent and not a lot of hospitals have them,” said Sara Williams/Radiology/10 years.

Fellow quarter-century staffer Audiologist Bob Gwyn, noted that “two things haven’t changed, though, in all these years: employee commitment to patients and the hospital’s ability to take on a new project and do it well.” Gwyn himself will take on a new project this summer: a mobile audiology van. “I’m pretty excited about it, it’s a good thing for the community.”
Most of the employees admitted, too, that “the people at Wayne Memorial” make all the difference in the workplace.
“When I came to Wayne Memorial, I said I was making a fresh start and I wound up in New Beginnings,” laughed Heather Holmes-Komar/10 years, “and I’m still there. I’ve made friends for life.”
All the honored employees were thanked by CEO Hoff and Chief of Staff William Dewar III, MD, as well as Oakes, before accepting personal gifts chosen by themselves from a catalog for their respective years of service. In addition, Human Resources staff, which organized the dinner, played a video recognizing each employee and the year they started. The year Maierle and LaPoint began at WMH was 1979. Jimmy Carter was president and a gallon of gas cost .86 cents! As LaPoint said, a lot has changed.

New Medical Leadership for Wayne Memorial Hospital

On July 1st, Wayne Memorial Hospital’s medical staff welcomed new leadership. Scott Epstein, MD, succeeded David Caucci, MD as president of the staff and Timothy Farley, MD stepped into Dr. Epstein’s previous role as vice president.
Dr. Epstein is a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation and medical director of the Good Shepherd-Wayne Memorial Inpatient Rehabilitation unit. He is part of Northeastern Rehabilitation Associates, which has offices in Scranton and Honesdale. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University School of Medicine, Dr. Epstein joined Wayne Memorial Hospital (WMH) in 1995.
Dr. Farley, who was previously the Medical Director of Imaging at the former Marian Community Hospital in Carbondale, has held the same role at WMH since 2012. He completed both his undergraduate and medical school degrees at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.
The two physicians serve as liaisons between Wayne Memorial Hospital administration and a medical staff of more than 200 physicians and mid-level providers (nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, physician assistants). The medical staff president also acts on matters of mutual concern with Chief Executive Officer David Hoff and Medical Staff Chief William Dewar III, MD.
“The medical staff and the duties of our offices have grown over the last decade,” said Dr. Epstein, “and we both look forward to helping our colleagues in the medical professional continue to serve the patients, staff and community of Wayne Memorial Hospital with exceptional care and compassion.”
Both Drs. Epstein and Farley will serve for two years, after which Dr. Farley will replace Dr. Epstein.

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