August 2013 NewsFlash

The Artery Presents the August Show of Two Accomplished Artists –

William A. Davies / Rosalind Hodgkins
“Thoughts and Visions of the Natural World”

“It is the business of the Artist to make humanity aware of itself.” Ezra Pound
“August”& Other New Paintings by William A. Davies

William A. Davies states "I believe the role of the Visual Artist is that of a Journalist; someone who documents and comments on Life Experience, the Natural World, and the Human Condition." Known for his Landscape Paintings and Drawings that are both Highly Detailed and Atmospheric, William offers a very personal view of the Natural World. Born in Englewood, New Jersey in 1948, he obtained his B.A. and M.A. from William Paterson University. In 1986, William obtained a position at Ridge High School in Basking Ridge, where he taught Fine Art in a variety of mediums until retiring in 2006.

Ways of Seeing by Metaphors, Myths & Symbols - Rosalind Hodgkins

Rosalind Hodgkins paintings are compositions of thoughts about the physical and functional characteristics of phenomena. Different points of view and new contexts lead to unusual perceptions of what a cycle is or what axis means. The phenomena of reflection, and the perception of looking and seeing, provide endless contexts of representation. My paintings often begin as a thought and go from there to a visual image or they can begin with some image seen that provokes an idea. The study of art history and mythology has offered me many associative ideas about symbolism which I use a lot in my paintings. My interests have evolved into a generalized understanding of myth as an idea, a way of thinking and seeing and also how a phenomenon is understood instinctively before any judgment is applied. Since I began painting over 40 years ago, I have always been fascinated by the metaphorical language of signs, symbols and myths.

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